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Posted on August 4, 2020

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Digital Marketer / Growth

MOM Canada (Mail Order …. Canada)

Our world today is ever changing and becoming increasingly complex. We are inundated with streams of information, action items, requests for time, and a variety of other responsibilities that pull us in multiple directions. Gone are the days of quiet tranquility, where we could spend the time to take in the world for all its glory, experiencing every moment for its grandeur. Times when we choose to shut out the world to spend time with friends and family, to look inward learning more about ourselves or exploring the world around us, be that in wilderness of nature or city. This is not a world of action relegated to the upwardly mobile, but to all of us as we pursue our purpose and dreams.

At MOM Canada, our purpose is to bring products to you that allow you to slow down your worlds, quiet your frantic minds, take in the moments with loved ones and dive deeper on stories; giving you a more experienced journey as you go through the awesomeness of your life. Our products for selected based on the experiences you seek. Focus in on that book you’ve been meaning to dive into, Refresh your body and mind in a deep yoga session, Create works of art with your brush of choice, Relax after that long week of deadlines, Enhance your hike with more energy while fully taking in nature’s beauty, or Ignite those nights with your partner with furniture breaking passion.

This is not your daddy’s “…,” but cannabis products designed for the high functioning professional, you’re not looking to veg out, though it wouldn’t hurt to sometimes veg the hell out.

Help us achieve our Purpose of helping our customers Experience More of the Moments that Matter .

MOM Canada Story

MOM is a plant based startup focused on bringing cannabis infused products to the next generation of discerning consumers. In fact, we have a 10 year history, and started the acronym, MOM. We have spent the last 10 years working with some of the best in industry in developing products that are geared for our urban professional consumer. We ourselves come from the tech and corporate worlds where we have partaken in the consumption of cannabis products, from the rudimentary peer acquired “…” we passed around to the newer focused products and understood even in the earlier days that all products were not created equal. Sure, there’s the definition of Savita for times what you wanted to go out to the Indica strains for when you wanted to stay “In Da Couch”. And you’ve probably heard about the variability of THC to CBD or it’s more defined variants. We knew that there was more to it than that, since there were times we were compelled to solve the problems plaguing us for weeks, finally finish that book we had been shying away from, hitting the pub for a few beers to just really relaxing after a hard week at the office. The experiences we had while consuming though were inconsistent. Because of the dosage, type and quality we could never tell exactly how we were going to end up.

We decided to change that and introduce products normalized to the experience our customers cared for. Without the noise of strain names, dosage charts, or other variables that complicate getting to the desired experience.

We are a mix of tech and ecomm entrepreneurs who have worked in the largest and most successful BC based startups as well as established players in the cannabis space. We have the acumen to build and growth massive ecomm brands, focused on lifestyle and mid-upper market products/experiences. We are a force to be reckoned with. We will be the first global cannabis brand.

Excited yet? This is where it gets real.

We are looking for a Digital Marketer/Growth who is interested in taking their career to the next level in a growing and innovative startup – in a brand-new market. You’ve got the chops from driving growth at a B2C SaaS/Retail brand and understand how the customer experience is the nucleus of your everything. You dream of walking in every step of the customer journey from stranger to sale learning from and delivering delightful experiences. You understand that shopping online and buying products for the uninitiated is full of anxiety and have a basket of tactics to eliminate anxiety elevating the experience to magical. Why do you want to do it here? Well, you’ve had experience with our product market and know how using it elevates your creativity and focus to develop innovative and new experiences for the high functioning professional, like yourself. Stop selling software or fast fashion, and start delivering life moments.

If you are destined for more and have a drive to evolve the cannabis space and bring curated experiences to a whole new generation, then you really only have one place to look.

You got this, seriously.

Have an unrelenting desire to build experiences that users love – not pretty but elegant in how they flow and deliver on the complete experience of using our platform and products

Able to envision and strategize a digital customer journey from awareness to upsell/advocacy and everything in between

You use a combination of A/B Testing, customer intelligence feedback loops, data analytics and a variety of platforms (optimizely, mailchimp, unbounce, zapier, mixpanel, AI/ML, etc) to prioritize the customer’s voice as the ultimate source of truth to drive conversions at every stage of the customer journey

Able to personally deliver and manage a variety of marketing skills sets across creative, web dev, copy writing, and UX to build and deliver experiences

You are a data-driven geek, performance/results-oriented, and have a relentless pursuit for growth – you are clear on AARRR metrics/KPIs to identify problems/opportunities and solutions

Able to manage and collaborate with a product and technical team spanning multiple locations/time-zones – we mean, do you even Slack yo?

You iterate with agility, learn continuously and pivot when necessary – never being dogmatic, nor possessive – understanding change/evolution is necessary for high growth

I know what you’re thinking, is this for real?

Well, the only way to find out is to check out our platform on birchandfog.com . Drop us a line bud (see what we did there) and we would love to show you our product lines, our vision, and our roadmap for the future.

Job Type: Full-time

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