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Posted on November 22, 2020

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Project Desciption

Development of Social networking website, with a Q&A facility within the site. Detailed requirements shared below.

Idea: The idea is to create a Question and Answer Survey website, where all the questions need to have options given by users.


A user can act as a Seeker, who is seeking answers to a question, or a Helper, who can help a Seeker by answering his question. In most cases, the same user would be a Seeker as well as Helper.


  1. Logged In on Homepage [homepage]

    1. User name, Password, Phone, Email

    1. User can view notifications on any updates on his questions asked and questions answered – Includes additional information asked or received, new response received, new questions asked

    1. Seeker can ask a question by filling up a form with details around the question [ask-a-question]

    2. Helper can answer a question which has been asked by a Seeker [answer-a-question]

    3. Seeker can view responses to the questions he has asked [view-answers]

    4. User can view his Homepage feed & take actions within the feed itself – This is the main section of a logged in user’s homepage

    5. User can view the Stories section [stories]

    6. User can Update Profile [profile]

    7. User can Edit Settings [settings]

    8. User can view Notifications [notifications]


  1. User, as a Seeker, can ask a question [ask-a-question]

    1. Drop-down menu with existing Categories/ Sub-Categories

    2. User can add a new Category or Sub-Category

    1. Text box to write the question

    2. Give hints on how to write a good question

    3. Platform can recommend existing questions, which the Seeker can select to complete the question faster

    1. It is mandatory to give at least 2 options

    2. The options can be given in the form of radio buttons or checkboxes

    3. It it optional to give Others as a category, which can be answered via text box

    4. Platform can recommend additional options to the Seeker

    1. The additional information can be in the form of a pair or free text (e.g. “Age = 30 years” is a pair, with dimension = Age and value = 30 years

    2. Platform can recommend pairs to provide additional information to the Seeker

    1. Select Category/ Sub-category

    2. Write a Question

    3. Seeker then gives multiple choices as answers to the above question

    4. Seeker can click to ask the question anonymously

    5. Seeker can give additional information on the question

    6. Seeker clicks on Submit, to submit this question. On Submit, the Seeker lands on share-a-question

    7. On Submit, the question goes to the platform, and will start appearing in others’ feeds


  1. User, as a Seeker, can share a question with his network [share-a-question]

    1. Whatsapp Contacts

    2. Phone Contacts

    3. Facebook Contacts

    4. Email Contacts

      1. Gmail

    5. Linkedin Contacts

    6. Twitter Contacts

    7. Other Social Network Contacts

    1. Seeker can share the question via following APIs

    2. Seeker clicks on Ask, to ask this question. The question then gets shared with the Contacts too, in addition to the Platform.


  1. User, as a Helper, can answer a question [answer-a-question]

    1. Helper can enter this page via share, if it has been shared by a friend

    2. Helper can get the questions on the homepage feed

    3. Helper can get the question via notifications

    1. The Helper can see the detailed question, responses, and additional information

    2. The Helper can pick one option as response (or multiple in case of checkboxes]

    3. The Helper can ask for additional information from the Seeker who has asked the question

    4. The Helper can add more information after selecting an option.

    1. There are 3 sources, from where the Helper can see the question to be answered:

    2. From the above sources, the Helper lands on answer-a-question

    3. On reaching the page [answer-a-question]

    4. The Helper can choose to respond anonymously


  1. User can view responses [view-answers]

    1. The Seeker sees the response count, %responses for each option, and all the answers presented beautifully via infographics

    2. The Seeker can select respondent segments, and get updated results

    1. The Seeker can see the list of questions he has asked

    2. The Seeker can select a question he has asked or shared, and for the selected question only, the Seeker can see the below information:


  1. Homepage feed – This is the major section of the homepage of a logged in user, and contains feed containing below content:

    1. The User can select an option on the homepage itself.

    2. The User, post Option selection, can share the question with others or provide more details in the answer given.

    1. The User can select an option on the homepage itself.

    2. The User, post Option selection, can share the question with others or provide more details in the answer given.

    1. The Helper can share the question with others or provide more details in the answer given, if not done yet.

    1. Seeker can give additional information to the Helper, as per need

    1. Seeker can share the questions with other networks

    2. Seeker can view the response count of these questions on Homepage itself

    3. Seeker can view the responses of these questions

    1. Seeker can click on this to go to questions page

    1. Existing questions asked by other Seekers, which can be answered by the User:

    2. Existing questions for which the Helper asked for additional information, and which the Seeker has entered

    3. Answered questions which can be shared [share-a-question]

    4. Asked questions, for which additional information is asked

    5. Asked questions, which can be viewed

    6. Ask a new question: Nudge to ask a new question [ask-a-question]

    7. Some interesting stories from the blog


  1. Blog section [stories]

    1. Some interesting answers can be highlighted here

    2. Users can submit their life stories

    3. Users can be interviewed, and interviews shared here


  1. Update Profile [profile]

    1. Location

    2. Age

    3. Marital status

    4. Education

    5. Money

    1. Name

    2. Profile Links

    3. Count of questions asked, answered etc.

    4. Link to Asked questions, Answered questions etc.

    5. Add skills

    6. Add interest areas

    7. Add more details about yourself

Administrator Actions:

  • Admin can change the algorithm of the homepage feed and decide what questions will be shown to the User in his Homepage feed

  • Admin can merge questions which are similar to each other

  • Admin can manage access – who can see what; who can respond to what

  • Admin can manage rules for content e.g. phone / email not to be shared, all content to be approved before post etc.

  • Admin can manage Categories/ Sub-categories

  • Admin can change algorithm to show suggested questions, options, pairs

  • Admin can change the algorithm to show content on homepage feed

  • All the user actions to be captured in the backend. Admin can view all the data captured including users, questions & responses as well as all other user actions on the Platform

    • Detailed tables to capture customer data, question and answer data etc.

    • Admin can access the above data via dashboard, as well as SQL queries


  1. Logged Out on Homepage

    1. Banner/ Video on why to join

    2. Sample feed greyed out

    3. Stories greyed out

    4. Nudge to Sign-up/ Login

Skills Required

Web Design


Web Development


  • Prototype
  • Functional Website
  • Admin Panel
  • Testing

Employer Information

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Member since: November 21, 2020

Thando Hlomuka

Developer, Coder and prototyper

South Africa

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Rhia Bhesania

it Services


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Peter Garcia

UI/UX Designer/ Developer


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Sunil Solanki

Web Development | App Development


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Eric Sol

Android & iOS APP,ASP.NET,H5,Responsive Website,Data Visualization,SEO


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Tarik Vreto

Professional Graphic Designer and Web developer

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Ramachandran R

Website Design and Development


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Chandan Solanki

Scientist (Research Expert) Proofreader, Analyst, Statistician, Writer, Logo & Graphic Designer & Data Entry Expert


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Anand kumar Singh

Project Analyst, Woocommerce Expert, PHP Security Expert ,Website Speed Optimizer, Wordpress Yoast SEO Expert & Zend, Cake,CI PHP Framework expert


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